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portable toddler bed guide

Getting The Right Portable Toddler Bed For Your Daughter
By Sam Cyrus

Buying a portable toddler bed may be a big decision for any parent. Not only can it be difficult to find one that is appropriate and will last, it can also be an emotional time as a portable toddler bed is a sign that you child is no longer a baby and can handle sleeping other places, but is too big for a crib. No longer wearing baby cloths, toddler clothing is another sign that they are growing up. But you still have to find that perfect portable toddler bed. And you should be able to find what you are looking for with a little sweat on your body.

Tips To Select A Portable Toddler Bed

There are various options that you need to think over when shopping for a portable toddler bed. The first is money in your pocket. Portable toddler beds can fluctuate in price, but spending any more than a couple of hundred dollars (mattress included) is not recommended. It is because most beds will not be used forever, and most will be damaged when they are being used. Even the most well behaved of toddlers will do something to their portable toddler bed, while this damage can usually be repaired like I said I would not invest a lot of money on your portable toddler bed. Beside that, this is not their permanent bed, so you just need to find something they can sleep in.

After deciding the price range, the next step is to decide what materials you want to have the bed made out of. Most are one of three types – wood, cloth, or metal. Wood beds are cozy, but are usually very heavy and can be much more susceptible to damage when compared to the other two types. They are not very portable and can be painful to lug around.

Metal beds are lighter than wood, but mostly are cold and unforgiving. However, they last a really long time and can be a solid bed for a long time. Another thing, many metal beds are easily expandable. Metal in general are less expensive than wood, but usually more than a hard plastic resin bed.

While a cloth bed may seem like a cheap and bad alternative, when you look at some of the newer ones that have come out they really can be a good purchase. Cloth is much more resistant to damage than either wood or metal, and is not nearly as harsh or unforgiving. Another good point, cloth is light when compared with wood, and has a variety of colors than either wood or metal. The most important thing it is far cheaper than either alternative.

Those are few things for you to consider before purchasing a portable toddler bed. Consider your options and then make the purchase that makes the most sense for you.


Portable Todler Bed - Aerobed for kid

The AeroBed Sleep Away Bed is portable toddler bed, compact, and is perfect for travelling with children. This bed has a

large 50-inch by 25-inch sleep surface with a 4- inch surround cushion for added safety.

Plus, with the Sleep Away Bed you can enjoy all the great benefits of an AeroBed. AeroBed has a powerful built-in electric pump for fast, easy inflation. Just plug it in, touch a button and the AeroBed inflates before your eyes to a thick, comfortable mattress.

AeroBed is made of durable, heavy-duty vinyl with electronically welded seems to withstand years of use. When it's time to put the bed away, simply open the patented Air Release Valve and the AeroBed deflates in only 15 seconds. More information : AeroBed for KidsPortable toddler aorobed

Portable toddler bed for travel

Dr. Watters Child's Portable air bed is the perfect travel bed for children. Ideal for taking to Grandma and Grandpa's house, visiting family and friends, hotel rooms, camping or for nap time at daycare centers!

This portable travel bed is wonderful for toddlers who are just out of a crib but still need the added security of bed rails - the unique raised edges insure that your little one won't fall out of bed in the night.

 This toddler portable bed is includes hands free wireless rechargeable air pump inflates in only 60 seconds and a multi purpose backpack for portability!. More information : Gentle Air Dr Watters Childs Portable Overnight BedPortable toddler bed for travel    


Elmo portable toddler bed

Sleep in Sesame Street style with this Elmo's World themed portable toddler bed! The durable PVC sleeping surface is designed for maximum comfort and convenience. Lightweight and portable, the Elmo's World Bed is sure to be the hit of any sleepover.

Unpack, inflate, and set sail for sweet dreams. This comfy, Elmo-themed inflatable bed comes with a high-powered air pump that inflates the mattress in just minutes.

Pump also deflates the bed for take-anywhere travel and compact storage. Portable toddler bed measures 66"L x 44"W x 40"H. Adult supervision recommended. Colors may vary. Holds up to 110 pounds. More information : Sesame Street Elmo Inflatable BedElmo portable inflatable toddler bed


little tikes toddler race car bed  

little tikes toddler race car bed plan

  little tikes toddler race car bed plans

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