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Getting A Quality Toddler Race Car Bed
By Sam Cyrus

Every kid has wanted a toddler race car bed after seeing the movie The Toy. Unfortunately, these toddler race car beds have usually been of inferior quality and extremely expensive of parents. Now toddler race car beds have become far cheaper and better in quality since the advances in complicated polymers and resins. However, you need a lot of space in taking many advantage of them. Because the less point is that they will never really be a portable toddler bed.

A Cheap Yet Qualified Toddler Race Car Bed

I take the Little Tikes Lightning McQueen Toddler Bed as my personal favorite in the toddler race car bed market. Actually, this is not a cheap, flimsy toddler race car bed, but it is a well constructed bed that should last for years to come. Special cubies to hold books and small collectibles are attached. I use these to put spare diapers as well as sippy cups in. They are great for when you quickly need to put something away or grab something.

Another good point, the bed has a built in front storage area that holds just about anything you can think of. This front area is big enough to everything except the largest of toys. It is particularly

suited to hold different toys. It is also a perfect spot for spare bedding – pillows, blankets and sheets should all fit comfortably in this storage locker.

You do not have to go out and purchase a new mattress for this bed since it uses the standard crib mattress and support. The bed is big enough so that your child can use this toddler race car bed all the way up until he is about five years old. It is perfect for this because unlike some other kid’s beds, the theme is appropriate for kids all the way up to age five or so.This toddler train bed can make your kid be the coolest one in his kindergarten class since it is a toy as well as a place to sleep.

The only thing bothers you over this bed is the price. It charges around three hundred dollars, yet it may seem a lot for a kids bed. You have to figure that your child will be able to use it all the way up to first or second grade. Again the solid construction means that you will not be looking for another bed a couple years after buying this one, it is built to last.

You will have one happy child on your hands whichever toddler race car bed you decide to go with. Take the plunge and get one today.

little tikes toddler race car bed  

little tikes toddler race car bed plan

  little tikes toddler race car bed plans

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